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Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick

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Dan Patrick brings over 30 years of radio and television broadcast experience to KVCE every day. Texans have trusted Dan Patrick on the issues for 4 decades. Dan purchased his first radio station as an owner/operator in 1988 and has built a passionate audience which is unparalleled. Recently Dan filed as a candidate for the Texas Senate District 7 seat and won with over 68% of the vote in a landmark victory. His leadership has changed Texas politics from the outside, and now his elected position will give him the opportunity to change it from the inside! Dan will be the ONLY State Senator with a radio show – that’s “radio-active” KVCE!

Dan’s been a passionate conservative voice for the past two decades. He has led the fight for taxpayer rights and conservative values from Houston to Austin to DC and to the national media. Dan led the push against ABC for airing liberal Bill Mahr following Bill’s anti-United States rhetoric which resulted in ABC dropping Real Time with Bill Mahr after his listeners inundated the network with complaints.

Dan Patrick is a man of action.

On the air, Dan takes on anyone who stands in the way of limited government, lower taxes and family values across the State of Texas. Dan is also an author, writer, entrepreneur, and enjoys traveling with his wife Jan and their two grown children.

Considered by many observers as the most conservative member of the Texas Senate, Dan Patrick has proven that one person can make a difference in Austin. That difference has been made by keeping campaign promises and sticking to his principles. In only two years, Dan has received numerous awards, including “Legislator of the Year” by several organizations, as well as the top award from both the Texas’ National Federation of Independent Business and Texans for Lawsuit Reform. In his first session, Senator Patrick passed a bill placing IN GOD WE TRUST permanently in the Senate Chamber and was the Senate author to place “Under God” in our state pledge.  In session, Dan passed nearly 40 bills.  One of his top accomplishments was passing the biggest tax cut passed in any state in 2009, a $172 million tax cut freeing 40,000 small businesses from the state business tax.

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